3 Common Problems Canadian 3PL NLS Doesn’t Need to Worry About

Lauren Koppelman January 27th, 2021

As a leading third-party logistics company in Canada serving top-name retail customers, National Logistics Services (NLS) could easily fall victim to the common challenges that many in their industry face. However, because they invest in technology and use 6 River Systems, there are three common problems that this 3PL doesn’t have to deal with.

Training Challenges

During the seasonal peaks common to the retail industry, NLS can hire between 200-300 temporary employees, all of whom must be properly trained. Using 6 River Systems, NLS can count on their newest picking associates being fully trained after just one directed picking cycle on a Chuck, 6 River Systems’ collaborative mobile robot, and reaching productivity goals within hours or days instead of weeks or months.

Unpredictable Order Volume Across their Warehouse Network

Common to the retail fashion industry, order volumes can fluctuate dramatically depending on the time of year, sales taking place and the increased demand for direct-to-consumer ecommerce. Traditionally, a warehouse or distribution center handling a pick-and-pack operation would need to forecast their greatest volume requirements when designing an automation system, which leads to large conveyors and sorters sitting dormant when the volume just isn’t there. Not so for NLS: where there’s volume, Chucks can go. NLS has all of their warehouses mapped so they can move their fleet of robots wherever they are needed, whenever they want.

Tight Budgetary Constraints

Thanks to their ability to tailor the size of their robotic fleet by moving them between buildings and adding or subtracting robots with seasonal rentals, NLS can be flexible with their automation solution – as well as their budget.

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