3 Sessions for Fulfillment Pros in Manufacturing

3 Sessions from FLOW that Fulfillment Professionals in Manufacturing Should Watch

Lauren Koppelman December 10th, 2020

FLOW 2020 was this year’s largest gathering of fulfillment professionals during which we shared tips and tricks to enhance anyone’s fulfillment operation. Whether you couldn’t attend or didn’t know it was taking place, we’ve ensured that you can still access the operational expertise we shared during this 2-day virtual conference.

If you’re a member of the manufacturing industry, we think these sessions will be most beneficial for you to watch and share with your business partners and professional network.

1. Operating in a Changing World: Protecting Associates During a Pandemic

Operating in a Changing World - Protecting Associates in a Pandemic
We are all operating in an ever-changing world. Flexible automation solutions can help you future-proof your operations.

In “Operating in a Changing World: Protecting Associates During a Pandemic,” Chris Cacioppo, CTO, and John Evans explain how 6RS has helped customers react quickly and effectively to major disruptions, including COVID.

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2. The Labor Equation: The Human Side of Robotics

The Human Side of Robotics - The Labor Equation
Regardless of your vertical, one issue that persists across the fulfillment industry is labor. In “The Human Side of Robots, The Labor Equation,” we asked our customers to share how labor fluctuations affect their businesses and how collaborative robots have helped to solve those issues.

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3. The B2B Shift: Revolutionizing Parts Distribution

B2B Shift - Revolutionizing Parts Distribution
While D2C fulfillment has its challenges, we know that B2B operations face totally unique requirements for each of their customers.

That’s why we’ve brought together a panel of B2B fulfillment professionals to discuss the unique fulfillment challenges they face and how automation became the logical choice to meet their needs.

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If you like what you’ve seen in any of these sessions please consider learning more about flexible automation and what 6 River Systems has to offer. Read our white paper: The Business Case for Collaborative Mobile Robotics.