4 Reasons Why DM Fulfillment Partners with 6 River Systems

4 Reasons Why DM Fulfillment Partners with 6 River Systems

Lauren Koppelman Last Updated: August 28th, 2020

4 Reasons Why DM Fulfillment Partners with 6 River Systems

In 2019 and 2020, DM Fulfillment services introduced more than 100 Chucks across their five strategically located distribution centers, replacing their old in-line conveyor systems and enabling the distributor to rethink the workflow of their warehouses. The leadership at DM Fulfillment Services believes in preparing their team with the right tools. Here are four reasons why DM Fulfillment Services partners with 6 River Systems.

Higher Picking Rates

Picking Rates Improved

Quicker picking means quicker days; that translates to faster throughput and lower labor costs. Associates are getting orders out the door faster which means they get to go home to their families faster, too. Having the right tools to get the job done right goes a long way for employee morale.

Training Time Reduced

Training Time is Almost Nil

DM Fulfillment was struggling with a 75% turnover rate with their associates in the warehouse. That high level of turnover translated not only into recruiting and hiring costs, but also costs in training. When DM used an in-line conveyor system, it would take multiple shifts shadowing other associates for new hires to reach performance levels. Now, new associates can follow instructions from Chuck and reach performance goals in 15-20 minutes.

Increased KPI

Measurable Improvements in KPI

Since partnering with 6 River Systems, DM Fulfillment has taken on new customers and seen a 17% increase in order volume as a result. Their throughput has increased by 38% and picking rates have doubled.

As a result of implementing Chucks in their DCs, DM has reduced the length of their shifts while still hitting their SLAs. Driven by data insights, the operations team has found that Chuck’s picking algorithm works better when more orders are in the system, so they have started delaying the picking day by two hours to allow orders to queue and maximize productivity.

Cool Factor

Cool Factor

Rick Goe, VP of Supply Chain at DM Fulfillment Services, tells us that he’s noticed the impact of Chuck’s “cool factor” – on his team, his customers and when vying for new business. Associates at DM know that they’re working with a company that is preparing them to be leaders in their industry in the future. Their customers are delighted that orders are fulfilled on time and their experience of working with a DC on one coast of the country is the same as their experience on the other. For a prospective customer, walking into a fulfillment center buzzing with collaborative mobile robots feels like stepping into the future. Not only is that pretty cool, it also instills confidence that DM Fulfillment is a company that is prepared to provide the best service in the industry.

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