6 industry innovators share how CMRs solved challenges in labor, productivity and more

Lauren Koppelman Last Updated: August 28th, 2020

Based on interviews with more than 25 early adopters of collaborative mobile robotic (CMR) solutions, our most recent white paper explores the many ways that CMRs make an economic impact on fulfillment and warehousing operations. Whether it’s a 15-month ROI, $8.5M in savings, or a projected net present value (NPV) of $7.1M, our customers shared exciting feedback that we couldn’t keep to ourselves.

“6 River Systems is helping us improve productivity, accuracy and our time to fulfillment.” – Gordon Mackenzie, VP of Technology, CSAT Solutions

You know the drill. To get a job done, you can balance three variables: speed, accuracy and cost. If you’re pushing your team to pick and pack faster, you’re likely going to sacrifice some accuracy. However, when Gordon Mackenzie of CSAT Solutions brought Chucks into his operation, his team met SLAs without the errors that come with manual picking methods. And, once the SLAs were met, he got to decide: send the team home, or get some extra work done to lighten the load for the next shift.

“Using 6 River Systems, single-shift capacity has increased by 65% and average turn time from order entry to generating a tracking number has been reduced by approximately five hours.” – Mike Myers, Engineering Manager, ODW Logistics

Let’s talk capacity. If your order volume increases, so must your inventory. As orders continue to come in, you’ve got to carry more and more stock. After a certain point, you’re carrying too much inventory and it’s time for a new building, right? Maybe. Mike Myers of ODW Logistics extended the life of his building by increasing his team’s efficiency: more orders, same space.

“We reduced time to achieve performance objectives by 90% by minimizing time spent learning processes and the warehouse floor.” – Joanne Hoberg, VP of Solutions and Engineering, NFI

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: training time matters more than you think. In an industry where you’re constantly training new employees (and bringing on seasonal hires to help during peak times), it pays to be able to train your new associates quickly and effectively. Joanne Hoberg of NFI reported that her onboarding times were not only reduced by 90%, the associates were trained to performance levels by following a directed approach.

“The best thing about the system is the way it groups picks together to enhance productivity across the facility. Out of 100 picks, 20 of them are in the same general area.” – Keith Gribble, Operations Manager, MD Logistics

Keith Gribble of MD Logistics gets to the heart of what makes our intelligent allocation system so powerful: by increasing order density within a pick cycle, associates can walk less and pick more. This directly speaks to the 70/70 rule: 70% of dollars spent in a fulfillment operation is on labor and 70% of the time for picking associates is spent walking. If you can break the 70/70 rule, you can stretch those labor dollars farther.

“The 6 River Systems solution is very scalable and flexible. I know that if I have a surge in business they can ship more Chucks here in under a week. I also know that if we continue to grow and we need to leave this facility, I can take the Chucks with me.” – Sid Lakhani, CEO, Healing Hands

We loved this quote from Healing Hands CEO Sid Lakhani because it shows that he not only understands the value of a flexible automation solution, it also highlights the level of trust that our customers have in our partnerships. Our customers trust in our expertise, our speed and our reliability.

“Our solution from 6 River Systems enables us to increase our throughput and get more orders out the door and into customers’ hands. We are excited about 6 River Systems’ commitment to continually improving and developing their product.” Glen Sutton, SVP Americas, Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services

Glen Sutton of Ingram Micro is talking not just about their use of Chucks within their fulfillment operations, but of Mobile Sort and Packout, tools that extend the power of 6 River Systems’ intelligent fulfillment solution beyond picking to sorting and packing, as well.

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