Fast Lane, an order fulfillment solution by 6 River Systems

6 River Systems Continues Domestic and International Expansion

Product Update November 14th, 2019

We have continued our momentum with key appointments, an expanded fleet, and new product releases.

Chuck, 6 River Systems' warehouse automation robot

Key Appointments

We marked our commitment to sustained growth by hiring Leilani Noel as Director of HR and Talent Acquisition. We grew our European presence by hiring Juergen Heim as European Sales Director and Simon Jones as Head of Sales for the UK and Ireland. Industry veteran Royanna Chappell was also promoted to U.S. Sales Director, West Region. 

Expanded Fleet

Distribution Management,, LegendValve

We doubled our total deployed robots from 2018. New US customer sites include Legend Valve, and Distribution Management. 

“The growth and innovations we accomplished this past quarter are a result of a relentless obsession with our customer’s success and a laser-focus on optimizing solutions for their operations,” said Jerome Dubois, our co-founder & co-CEO. “We are changing fulfillment with an easy-to-deploy solution that can more than double productivity and improve accuracy.” 

New Products and Integrations

Fast Line, an order fulfillment solution by 6 River Systems

We launched two new products that extend our offering into a complete end-to-end order fulfillment solution: Fast Lane and Packout.

Launched in partnership with Soft Robotics at CSCMP Edge, Fast Lane is a component of our end-to-end solution that fully automates high-velocity SKU fulfillment. Fast Lane seamlessly merges into the manual picking process without requiring major changes to infrastructure. The solution combines Chuck with Soft Robotics’ full stack bin picking and order fulfillment solution, SuperPick.

Ingram MicroDeployed at Ingram Micro, Packout is a component of our solution that manages order packing in tandem with Chucks to help operations achieve the greatest pick-to-pack throughput possible. We increased our technology integrations by partnering with Accutech Packaging, adding auto-bagging capabilities into the Packout solution to improve the precision and efficiency of our customer’s labor efforts. 

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