Increase efficiency across your entire warehouse

2-3x productivity. Easy to scale. Wall-to-wall efficiency.

Flexible warehouse automation improves the productivity of your operation without requiring any new infrastructure or changes to your warehouse layout. Ensure faster order fulfillment in your warehouse when you choose 6 River Systems.

Our flexible, collaborative approach to warehouse automation

  • Warehouse automation powered by collaborative robotics
    Chuck is the most configurable collaborative robot in the industry, and can handle all forms of split-case picking in one sweep of an aisle. Combined with our directed workflows and dynamic zones, Chuck results in fewer steps to complete more orders.
  • Easily scales with warehouse changes
    Our flexible solution integrates and expands seamlessly, allowing your warehouse to adapt as orders, SKUs, priorities and volumes change over time.
  • Ensure wall-to-wall efficiency in your warehouse
    Go beyond picking with your warehouse optimizations. Increase efficiency across your entire warehouse with our packing, sorting and replenishment solutions.

6 River Systems may be best known for Chuck, but it’s our unique software that allows for a seamless and constantly improving warehouse. Our smart allocation solution pulls data from your WMS (even homegrown or an inventory record) to optimize your operation’s fulfillment activities.

Smart Allocation Explained: How 6 River Systems Optimizes Order Flow


White Paper: The Business Case for Collaborative Mobile Robotics

Unlock insights into how collaborative mobile robots transform fulfillment efficiency, yield a multi-million dollar net present value and deliver a fast ROI.

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  • 2-3x pick rates
  • 50% reduction in walking
  • 2-4 week go-live
  • 15 minutes new hire training
  • 12-18 month ROI