Best of 2020: Our Most Popular Supply Chain Webinars, Blog Posts and More

Chris Conway Updated October 29th, 2021

With 2020 nearly behind us, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your supply chain for an even more successful 2021. Here at 6 River Systems we appreciate efficiency so, for your convenience, we collected some of the webinars, blogs and more that generated the most interest over the past year. Happy reading!

FLOW: Experience the future of fulfillment

1. All Things FLOW

Who watched, read or listened: Nearly everyone? More than a thousand supply chain professionals, analysts and media members tuned in to the 30+ sessions from our second annual conference.

Why it made the list: With sessions on everything from 6 River Systems products and capabilities to industry panels on labor management, omnichannel innovation and more, FLOW 2020 had (and, thanks to exclusive access through the link below, has) something for anyone looking for ideas on how they might improve their fulfillment operations.

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2. Creating a Dynamic Supply Chain: How DM Fulfillment Continues to Lead the Way [Webinar]

Who watched, read or listened: Fulfillment leaders interested in learning how one of their peers set an impressive standard in building a flexible supply chain.

Why it made the list: Of all sessions from our popular Future of Fulfillment webinar seriesCreating a Dynamic Supply Chain fittingly created the biggest demand spike.

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New Associate Productivity Ramp3. Why Training Time Matters More Than You Think [Blog]

Who watched, read or listened: Supervisors, operators and GMs in charge of (or simply interested in) identifying how new fulfillment technologies can deliver unexpected benefits.

Why it made the list: Informal polls of our customers made clear that labor is a challenge–especially around peak, when new associates need to ramp up quickly. This analysis, authored by 6RS CTO and co-founder Chris Cacioppo, shines a light on the bottom-line benefits of faster training.

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4. The Business Case for Collaborative Mobile Robotics [White Paper]

Who watched, read or listened: Supply chain professionals who wield influence–direct or otherwise–in the technological evolution of their organization or others.

Why it made the list: Downloaded by operators, CEOs and industry analysts, The Business Case for Collaborative Mobile Robotics assesses the decision criteria and subsequent data from 25 real-life deployments to quantify the financial benefits of collaborative mobile robots. If you’re thinking about investing in similar technology (or even thinking about thinking about it), this white paper is a great place to start.

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5. Labor Management: Engaging and Retaining Top Talent in Your Distribution Center [Webinar]

Who watched, read or listened: Fulfillment professionals interested in building a more productive team, helping their associates develop new skills, and increasing employee satisfaction.

Why it made the list: If you’re reading this, you already know that fulfillment success is nearly impossible without an inspired team of associates picking, packing and shipping orders. Anchored by Steve Lewis, VP of Solutions & Strategy at GXO Logistics, Engaging and Retaining Top Talent in Your Distribution Center drove not just registrations for the live event but continues to be one of our most popular on-demand resources.

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