Build your own bot with 6 River Systems’ new warehouse automation packages

Rohma Abbas June 6th, 2018

We’ve always believed warehouse automation should be flexible. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our line of Chuck robots to offer new models and configurations that accommodate even more warehouse picking operations.

Just like you can customize your car, now you can customize your warehouse robots to suit diverse retail needs with new modifications, including multiple trays and totes, flexible slots, a rod to hold hangers for garments and a workspace that can store 48 shoe boxes.

Chuck+ joins the 6 River Systems robot line

We’ve added Chuck+ to our family of robots. This new Chuck model is a wider than its predecessor: Chuck stands at 22.4 inches wide, with Chuck+ at 28.4 inches wide. Chuck+ adds 6” (15 cm) to base, useful for large totes and shoes, and up to 2,900 in2 (2 m2) of workspace.

Operators can customize either robot in a variety of configurations:

Three-level Chuck

Chuck and Chuck+ come with two-tray setups by default, but what if you need to take your picking to the next level? Introducing the three-level configuration. Build another level onto either robot and reach for a higher pick rate.

Chuck+ 3-Level shoe and tote configuration

Flexible slots

We embrace the fact that no one warehouse — or e-commerce order — is the same. Flexible slots on Chucks mean you can pick to small, medium and large containers, all on the same bot. This configuration is great for warehouses that combine a variety of pick methodologies into their workflow, such as batch and discrete order picking.

Chuck can be configured to support flexible slots.

Multiple totes and bulk capacity

Now your Chuck or your Chuck+ can be used to shuttle products across the warehouse in much the same way as an automated guided vehicle. The same Chuck or Chuck+ robot can carry multiple totes. Need four totes, 16 totes or a giant tote for bulk orders? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re piece-picking, or picking en masse for store replenishment, we help you build a fleet of Chucks that carry exactly what you need to get the job done, no more or less.

Custom apparel configurations

Customize either standard Chuck or Chuck+ to support 18 garments on hangers or 48 shoe boxes. Mix and match by stacking garments on the top tray and shoes on the bottom. Need more space for shoes? Three-level Chuck can comfortably carry 56 pairs of shoes.

Chuck garment on hanger and shoe configuration

More options for your warehouse to help you win

The 6 River Systems solution is the new way companies fulfill. We’re committed to helping warehouses double or triple their pick rates using a robotics solution that gets to work faster than traditional automation, providing you a quicker payoff.

Got any questions about our configurations or robots? We want to speak with you. Give our Solutions team a ring at (866)-60-CHUCK.