Announcing our new video, ‘The magic cart’

Rohma Abbas Last Updated: January 18th, 2020

What’s it really like to work with our warehouse robot, Chuck? We could tell you, but we’d rather show you. Introducing “The magic cart,” a concept video that portrays the benefits of working with Chuck in the warehouse:

Here’s a transcript:

Picker: Ah, this is never going to end.

Chuck: Hey there. Looks like you could use some help. Must be a tough job doing all this work by yourself.

Picker: Uh, who are you and where did you come from?

Chuck: I’m Chuck and I’m here to help. May I?

[Chuck grabs clipboard from Picker and tosses it into a nearby garbage can.]

Chuck: We won’t be needing this anymore. Just follow my lead and we’ll get through these picks in no time.

[Picker motions toward manual cart.]

Chuck: Oh, we can leave that here. Let me do all the heavy lifting.

[Chuck and Picker begin work. In their first stop, Picker grabs wrong item.]

Chuck: Close, but we actually need marshmallows.

Picker: Oh!

[Chuck and Picker head to the next pick.]

Chuck: We need three of these.

[Picker grabs two.]

Chuck: Oops! We need one more.

[Picker hands correct quantity to Chuck.]

Chuck: Perfect.

[Picker and Chuck complete work.]

Chuck: Looks like we’re all done.

Picker: I can’t believe we finished so quickly. Are you sure you got everything?

Chuck: Positive. Now I need to get these orders out to shipping. But my friend Charlotte will take over for the rest of your route.

Charlotte: Hey! Ready to go?

Picker: Yeah!

[Picker turns to Chuck.]

Picker: Hey, thank you for all your help today…

[Picker sees robot Chuck drive off.]

Picker:… Chuck?

[Picker turns back to Charlotte and sees robot Charlotte drive off screen.]

Voice Over: Who said robots and humans can’t get along? Meet Chuck, a collaborative mobile robot that works with pickers to speed up fulfillment. With Chuck and 6 River Systems, companies are eliminating long walks and reducing steps in-aisle, all through a directed approach that speeds up training and picking. When you need a better way, follow the leader!

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