Catch Chuck and 6 River Systems at a trade show near you

Rohma Abbas Last Updated: January 18th, 2020

It’s going to be a busy fall here at 6 River Systems!

If you’ve been following us, you know that we’ve got our hands full hiring a lot of people and deploying a lot of robots. But amid all of that, we’re also gearing up to attend some key industry events. We’re excited to announce that 6RS and our collaborative mobile robot Chuck will be going on a road tour this season.

Chuck and the team recently attended the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit at the Science History Institute.

You can meet us at the following trade show events:

9/11-9/12: North American Supply Chain Executive Summit (Chicago)

9/12-9/14: (Las Vegas) Booth # 1017

9/19-9/21: enVista FUEL 2018 (Chicago)

9/30-10/3: CSCMP Edge (Nashville) Booth # 525

10/9-10/10: North American E-Tail Operations Summit (San Francisco) Booth #8

Will you be attending one of these events? Come say hi, or schedule a quick consultation with one of our Solutions Executives. And, if you plan to enjoy the event from your Twitter feed, you can follow our updates at #ImWithChuck. See you soon!