You decided: Chuck is Reader’s Choice Product of the Year!

Rohma Abbas Last Updated: August 28th, 2020

We are very excited to announce that our collaborative robot Chuck has been voted one of Material Handling Product News’ Reader’s Choice Products of the Year!

“We are humbled by this award, which comes directly from educated readers in the materials handling industry,” said Rylan Hamilton, co-CEO of 6 River Systems. “Thanks for placing your faith in us and the larger field of collaborative robotics.”

The companies championing Chuck

There is no award without our customers. One of our core values at 6 River Systems is we win when our customers win. We’ve been humbled to see their wins and celebrate gains with our collaborative robots. In fact, in the days following Black Friday, 6RS sites picked a million units with Chuck—a first for the entire industry.

We’d like to shout-out some of our newest customers:

ACT Fulfillment

ACT Fulfillment, Inc. has been providing supply chain solutions in warehousing and fulfillment services since 1994. ACT wanted to invest in an adaptable robotics solution that could be deployed quickly for one of their high profile accounts. ACT was one of the first companies to deploy a 3-level Chuck, which the 3PL uses for their shoe fulfillment business.

Meet Chuck, the collaborative mobile robot from 6 River Systems.

Healing Hands

Healing Hands develops and produces fashionable scrubs for nurses, woven to provide ultimate comfort and long-lasting performance. The business has more than 8,000 SKUs and a million units in its new 60,000 sq ft warehouse in East Rutherford, NJ. Initially the company looked at traditional warehouse automation but after doing some research decided that 6 River Systems collaborative robots best suited their business needs. The team plans to use the robots to achieve their goal of same-day shipping.

CSAT Solutions

CSAT Solutions is a Dell EMC Services Partner. CSAT Solutions was recently recognized by Dell EMC at the annual SDS Service Partner Forum, where they were granted the Global Service Parts Partner Excellence award for 2018. By incorporating Chuck robots within the CSAT parts warehouse and part fulfillment area, CSAT has doubled productivity by significantly reducing the use of manual cart picking.


6 River Systems is now in the business of supporting companies that save lives. Medline is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical products with patient-centered solutions, services and expertise across the continuum of care.

These companies and others are just a few of the many looking for a new way to automate their operations.

“Companies in new industries are increasingly looking towards collaborative robots as a way to inject flexible automation into their operations” says John Santagate, Worldwide Research Director at IDC for Commercial Service Robotics. “The market has done a great job of building collaborative robots that meet specific needs across a variety of industries. Especially in material handling industries, where non-value adding movement of materials has been a target for improvement for decades”.

The year in Chuck

As 2018 comes to an end, we’re taking time to reflect on this year’s product highlights, including new features and configurations that enhance our customers’ fulfillment capabilities.

Here’s a quick 2018 recap:

  • Introducing Chuck+, a wider version of Chuck that fits even more orders than its predecessor.
  • New Chuck configurations that provide greater flexibility to fulfillment operations, including three-level Chuck and support for garment on hanger and shoe fulfillment.
  • Handy features like autonomous charging, floor view (which enables operators to see where robots are in the warehouse in realtime) and management consoles, where operators can view detailed analytics on their system.

We’ve got plenty in store for 2019, including a rigorous industry event and trade show schedule, along with some big product announcements. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our most popular video of the year, “The magic cart.”

About 6 River Systems

Today’s buying habits have changed the world of fulfillment forever. Customers demand better service but operators are stuck in the trenches, fighting today’s problems with yesterday’s tools. 6 River Systems knows that fulfillment is key to customer satisfaction. Starting with Chuck, a collaborative mobile robot, 6 River Systems is building fulfillment solutions that power the winning warehouses of tomorrow.