Attracting Business with the Right Tools

Project Verte had invested in goods-to-person automation; what the 3PL hadn't bargained for was an unreliable system plagued with system downtime, leading to missed SLAs and unfulfilled contracts.

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Project Verte

Project Verte
at a glance:

  • Unreliable technology
  • Lack of support from service providers
  • Unable to meet business goals and customer expectations
  • 24 Chucks
  • Doubled fleet size and pick floor footprint in 2020, 4x in 2021
  • Added 10 new clients
  • 99.95% system uptime
  • 86% pick rate improvement
  • Drastic reduction in cost per unit shipped

Project Verte is an AI cloud-based supply chain platform provider whose warehouses and technologies help multichannel retailers boost performance and reduce cost by providing one dashboard that empowers brands’ back end systems to keep up with their front end digital capabilities.

Seeking to grow their business by providing a top-of-the line fulfillment service to their ecommerce customers, Project Verte invested in a goods-to-person robotic solution. However, struggling with reliability issues, the 3PL wasn't able to leverage the technology to bring in and retain customers. Project Verte wanted to find a robotics partner that could holistically complement their technology to reliably deliver on SLAs and support their growth.

A quick, easy and safe deployment

"6 River Systems' design proved to be easy to implement with low infrastructure, high visibility and less than a dollar per unit shipped," said Bob Klunk, COO at Project Verte. 

The initial site deployment, occurring in the late summer and early fall of 2020, was executed nearly completely remotely due to Covid. 

"Even in the pandemic, 6RS was fast and adaptable," said Klunk. "They were only on-site for 4 days." 

“Chucks dramatically reduced picking errors and increased customer satisfaction for the brands and retailers in our national warehouse network. They ensure Project Verte’s customers have a unified and seamless commerce customer journey through every step of the fulfillment process.”

Padhu Raman, Chief Product Officer, Project Verte


The Results

Since deploying 6 River Systems, Verte has had zero missed SLAs and 100% order accuracy. Now, Project Verte is back to prospecting, continuing to grow and attracting and retaining customers.

An associate places an item onto a warehouse robot

Behind the Scenes

Padhu Raman, Chief Product Officer at Project Verte joined us at FLOW 2020 for a digital session on how his company uses 6RS to differentiate their business to attract and win customers.