Faster Fulfillment with 6 River Systems

6 River Systems transforms your entire fulfillment workflow from putaway to picking, sorting and packing. Through our solution’s order allocation algorithm and zone picking methodology, associate productivity is maximized and walking is greatly reduced.

How We Transform Your Entire Fulfillment Workflow

  • Highest capacity collaborative fulfillment robot
    Our high capacity robot can handle all forms of split-case picking in one sweep of an aisle, resulting in fewer steps to complete more work.
  • Directed workflows set your associates up for success
    Our guided pick paths optimize work assignments, improve productivity and remove the guesswork for your associates.
  • Dynamic zones put your people in the right place at the right time 
    Associates stay in their zone or are directed to the right robot in a new zone as orders, SKUs, priorities and volumes change.

White Paper: The Business Case for Collaborative Mobile Robots

Unlock insights into how collaborative mobile robots transform fulfillment efficiency, yield a multi-million dollar net present value and deliver a fast ROI.


Interested in learning more? 

Download our solutions brochure, and then contact us to learn more about how 6 River Systems' fulfillment solution can optimize your warehouse operations.

  • 2-3x pick rates
  • 50% reduction in walking
  • 2-4 week go-live
  • 15 minutes new hire training
  • 12-18 month ROI