FLOW 2021: Expert Panel Discussions Announced

Margot Ahlquist August 12th, 2021

FLOW 2021, 6 River Systems’ flagship event that brings together users and enthusiasts for the most comprehensive ecosystem of innovation and transformation in fulfillment technology, is rapidly approaching.

Our team has put together a lineup of world-class panel sessions featuring top experts in the supply chain and logistics industries. Join the discussion on emerging trends and challenges with our industry expert panels:

Panel Discussion 1: The Future of Work: Human and Robot Collaboration

Session Description: As unemployment sinks lower & consumer demand continues to rise, the challenge to find enough workers is ever-growing. In many cases, as business leaders make planning decisions to capitalize on the new opportunities that this economy presents, the labor challenge can make it seem impossible.

On the other hand, a new breed of automation solutions—from cobots to machine learning and AI—seem to offer a range of capabilities so broad that many worry they will not only help fill all of the open positions, but also eat into existing jobs. Leaders must find successful organizational balance, to tap into the immense value that both people and technology bring to their supply chain performance.

Hear from industry experts about what companies are doing today, how robots (working in harmony with the human factor) can restore critical savings to the bottom line and what innovative automation means for the future of work.


Panel Discussion 2: Transforming the Customer Experience

Session Description: It’s no secret that the pandemic dramatically accelerated changes that had been projected for the next decade. Customers are now “omnichannel” in their outlook and behavior, demanding fast, flexible order fulfillment, anytime, anywhere. These trends put an unprecedented strain on supply chains, not only in terms of consumer demand, but in execution, speed, and flexibility. However to remain relevant, retailers and brands need to differentiate themselves and transform the customer experience in order to survive.


Panel Discussion 3: Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

Session Description: Customers are demanding brands provide a supply chain that is responsible in its approach to the environment. Whether its packaging, shipping methods, carbon off-sets, or reducing waste, sustainable practices are imperative. This session will offer practical ideas that aid in readying your business for a future of reduced environmental costs.


Don’t miss a minute of the conversation, September 22-23!