• SEPTEMBER 13-15, 2022

This was my first year to engage in Flow from start to completion. Truly worth my time.

James Clark, Sr. Director Material Handling Design

I recommend FLOW to anyone who might not know all that's involved with fulfillment.

Robert Pefianco, Manager, Operations

I "very much" look forward to FLOW 2022 ... as much as I look forward to the continued partnership between 6 River Systems and my company.

Michael Callahan, Project Manager

Great experience for people in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry!

Alan Asuncion, Director of Industrial Engineering & Solutions Design

I believe FLOW is truly impactful for mid-large 3PL logistics in search of dynamic automation.

Curtis Kinden, IT Lead


Keith Gribble, Ops Manager

I recommend FLOW to any variety of functions, IT, Engineering, Operations, BD, etc.

Jonathan Chapman, Sr. Director

I highly recommend attending for a great overview of Robotics

Richard Villa, GM

FLOW is a must attend event. The information on upcoming products and systems will have you excited the entire way through.

Cody Clark, Fulfillment Manager

I recommend flow as it gives you an opportunity to see the functionality demonstrated and also to see what new functionality is available.

Andrew Chatterton, Solution Design

6River knows the industry and a great way to stay on top of emerging technologies is to attend FLOW each year.

Jon Fehringer, IT Manager

I look forward to FLOW each year as the information and customer testimonials are exceptional.

Justin Swarner, Fulfillment Manager

I find FLOW to be one of the better organized conferences in our industry.

Patrick Houlihan, Director of Operations

I recommend FLOW to anyone who is interested in making a facility run better.

Trenton Jones, Intern, Engineering

I do recommend FLOW to someone trying to understand 6RS

Deonsa Mosley, Fulfillment Manager

FLOW-2021 was an excellent conference, showing and teaching about all that 6RS has accomplished to date.

Tom Napier, Consultant Business Development

6 River always produces an awesome event. They make it worth my time to attend and learn about what's new with the solution

Mike Oitzman, Editor, Mobile Robot Guide

Flow is an excellent demonstration of how 6 River Systems is among the leaders in the AMR and logistics robotics solutions field.

Russell Nickerson, Engagement Liaison & Lab Manager, MassRobotics

FLOW exceeded all expectations! A fantastic range of content, a diverse panel of contributors and topics very relevant to my role and business. I'll make myself available for Flow 2022!

Niam Waterland, Product Manager, Accelerated Digitalisation

I make time for flow every year to learn from expert panels about where the industry is going in real time.

Bret Keller, System Manager, Sales

Future of e-Com fulfilment cobotics for companies beyond the mega platforms

Heath Tilley, VP Global Supply Chain



    10:30 AM
      Golf at Granite Links

    6:30 PM
      Yankees v. Red Sox Game


    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
      Conference Day 1

      Harbor Cruise Dinner


    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      Conference Day 2