Rylan Hamilton - Pros to Know 2020 - Supply and Demand Chain Executive

Head Riv Rylan Hamilton named a 2020 Pro to Know

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Rylan Hamilton - Pros to Know 2020 - Supply and Demand Chain Executive

6 River Systems co-founder and co-CEO Rylan Hamilton has been named a Pro to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. The Pros to Know Awards recognize supply chain executives who are leading initiatives to prepare their companies for the significant challenges of today’s business climate.

Rylan co-founded 6 River Systems (6RS) to serve the quickly growing e-commerce and 3PL businesses who were being underserved by existing material handling vendors. At 6 River Systems, Rylan leads corporate and recruiting functions and is dedicated to building a team that’s smart, nimble and effective. He is passionate about mentoring, developing and retaining winning teams. Before 6 River Systems, Rylan was a member of the leadership team at Kiva (now Amazon Robotics).

Rylan has a record of seeking out challenges and “getting it done” by managing teams to the best of their abilities and working across organizations. When first launching 6RS with Jerome Dubois and Chris Cacioppo, he led the charge in finding the right team to support and build their vision, and they were able to convince early adopters of the benefits of this new technology.

“Rylan is a customer-centric leader who rolls up his sleeves and gets to work,” says co-CEO and co-Founder Jerome Dubois. “I have worked with Rylan for 10+ years and have been consistently impressed with his work ethic, creativity and dedication to providing solutions for the materials handling industry. These qualities are what made me want to co-found 6 River Systems with Rylan.”

Last fall, Rylan was instrumental in ensuring our customers had smooth peak operations. He jumped at the chance to support our client sites on-the-ground and helped improve their fulfillment processes. As a result, our client sites fulfilled more than 1 million units during the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“Rylan is a leader with a holistic eye towards improvement,” says Lani Noel, Director of Talent Acquisition at 6 River Systems. “He unites his team and empowers them to recognize their own potential.”

Over the last year he’s worked closely with Lani to triple our staff from 40 employees to nearly 120 Rivs. He also implemented departmental lunch & learns to improve company-wide communication, issued quarterly employee surveys to better take the pulse of the company and developed new systems to train and promote our employees.

“All of these initiatives made our company run better, and Rylan was the driving force behind it all,” says Zoe Peirce, Office Coordinator at 6 River Systems. “With such an immense growth in staff comes great complexities in managing career development, onboarding, training and HR. Rylan deftly handled these challenges.”

This year’s Pros to Know list includes more than 200 individuals from software firms and service providers, consultancies or academia, who helped their supply chain clients or the supply chain community at large prepare to meet these challenges—and more than 40 Practitioner Pros who do the same within their own companies.

“The supply chain profession is ever-changing, with transformative technologies and evolutionary best practices driving greater efficiencies and innovations for companies. At the heart of it all are supply chain professionals,” says John R. Yuva, editor-in-chief for Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

Congratulations, Rylan!


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