Jerome Dubois explains 6 River Systems' smart allocation process.

[Video] Smart Allocation Explained: How 6 River Systems Optimizes Order Flow

Max Halliday Last Updated: July 8th, 2020


6 River Systems may be best known for Chuck, but it’s our unique software that allows for a seamless and constantly improving warehouse. Our smart allocation solution pulls data from your WMS (even homegrown or an inventory record) to optimize your operation’s fulfillment activities. 6 River Systems takes over processing, execution, and outbound activities of the operation, determining the most efficient way to get your customers’ orders picked, packed and out the door. 6RS co-founder and co-CEO Jerome Dubois explains this in greater detail in the video above.

How 6 River Systems’ intelligent allocation process works at a glance.


Full 6 River Systems' smart allocation process. The 6 River Systems solution receives your orders, illustrated by the “Intake Profile” section on the far left.


6 River Systems' order allocation process.6 River Systems decides the ideal path (seen in “Intake to Ideal”) and decides the most efficient way to fulfill the orders based on the information received (seen in “Ideal Path”).

Operations then makes decisions regarding the actual breakdown based on staffing, promotions or other specifics in the operation. This example includes “MoSo,” which stands for Mobile Sort. This is illustrated in “Ideal to Actual” above.


6 River Systems' order allocation process from actual to packout.The actual split of order types then gets allocated to Packout. This example includes orders sent to manual packout or an autobagger.


See how 6 River Systems works in an operation like yours: meet our customers.