Wall-to-Wall Fulfillment Expo

6 River Systems Brings the Latest Supply Chain Innovations to You



Restricted travel and rescheduled trade shows have created a unique challenge for supply chain professionals across the world.

We here at 6 River Systems have decided to take a cue from our industry-leading fulfillment solution and design an experience that does the heavy lifting for those who need to identify, understand and act on opportunities to optimize warehouse and distribution center operations. 

watch & Learn

See what you missed on the trade show floor with this coverage of 6 River Systems at MODEX 2020.


See how our order fulfillment solution spans your entire warehouse via our partnerships with Packsize On Demand Packaging and Soft Robotics' SuperPick.


Robotic systems no longer stand on their own. Hear directly from the show floor how designers are teaming up to integrate robotic solutions.

Wall-to-Wall Fulfillment Solution

Order fulfillment operators need to scale quickly and cost-effectively to meet growing demand—yet finding and retaining quality warehouse personnel is getting more difficult and seasonal hires take time to train; especially if you’re trying to leverage automation technologies.

6 River Systems (6RS) can double or triple the productivity of your warehouse associates — at half the cost of traditional automation and without requiring any new infrastructure or changing your warehouse layout.

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Meet Chuck

Chuck is a collaborative mobile robot that transforms the productivity of your associates and the flexibility of your operation throughout picking, replenishment and related tasks.

With new modular and larger multi-level workspaces, Chuck is the most flexible, most configurable collaborative mobile robot in the industry.

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SPEak with a Warehouse Automation Expert

You don’t have to travel to explore how our fulfillment solution can benefit your operations.

Contact us today to learn more about how 6 River Systems can empower your operators to transform your entire fulfillment workflow and deliver:

  • 2-4 week go-live
  • 15 minutes new hire training
  • 2-3x pick rates
  • 50% reduction in walking
  • 12-18 month ROI