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Peak season amplifies existing fulfillment challenges, and introduces new ones. Labor availability and productivity, demand spikes, and customer satisfaction (whether retail customers or consumers) can all wreak havoc on your supply chain operations, increase your cost of fulfillment and negatively impact customer retention. 

6 River Systems can help you manage all of these challenges and more. Read on for the resources you need to better navigate your most important season.

Peak Challenge #1: Labor 

Labor -- hiring, training and retaining -- is a universal struggle for fulfillment operations. The pandemic has not only ramped up the challenge of staffing a warehouse, but also the ability to empower the associates you do have to stay engaged and productive.

How 6 River Systems helps to solve labor challenges:

  • Meet Chuck - Customers tell us their associates get excited to pick with Chuck, our collaborative mobile robot.
  • Up and picking within hours - Chuck is so simple to use that associates learn how to pick within a few hours.
  • Happier, healthier operations  - Chuck eliminates the long walk and the physical strain that comes from pushing manual carts. 

Peak Challenge #2: Shifting Demand

Demand spikes are the entire point of peak. That doesn’t mean they’re easy to manage. Whether you’re struggling due to labor (just see above), legacy technology that constrains your ability to adapt on the fly, or an unexpected shift in fast-selling SKUs or order profiles, peak is predictably unpredictable.

How 6 River Systems helps to solve shifting demand: 

  • Smart order allocation - 6 River System's software determines the most efficient way to fulfill your orders from start to finish.
  • The industry's most configureable robot - Configure Chuck to pick a wide variety of items into totes or outbound cartons across its 6 shelves.
  • Adaptable pick strategies - 6 River Systems supports mixed picking methods: discrete, batch, cluster, zone.


Peak Challenge #3: Customer Satisfaction

Whether you’re a 3PL, retailer, or B2B distributor, success comes with delivery, not the sale. Shipping orders quickly isn’t merely an advantage but a competitive necessity. Consumers expect two-day, or even same-day shipping, so getting orders out the door quickly and accurately, even in the face of seasonal demand spikes, is the best recipe for customer satisfaction, retention and growth.

How 6 River Systems drives customer satisfaction: 

  • Speedier fulfillment - Intelligent work assignments and directed picking combine to deliver productivity improvements that help reduce the time from order received to order shipped.
  • Order accuracy - Chuck’s simple, intuitive, and customizable UI helps your associates make more accurate picks.
  • Increase reliability - 6 River Systems software helps you meet more SLA deadlines and deliver more orders on time.

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