Thursday at Modex 2020

Lauren Koppelman Last Updated: March 11th, 2020

Tomorrow is the last day of Modex 2020 and by the morning, we’ll know whether our Wall-to-Wall fulfillment solution is MHI Innovation Award-nominated or -winning. Either way, it’s your last chance to see it all in one place until it’s installed in one of your warehouses (or when you schedule a site visit to see it in action inside of one of our customers’ DCs). So, swing by booth #7489 for your chance to see how 6 River Systems is leading the way to faster fulfillment.

Where to find 6 River Systems on Thursday at Modex

12:45 PM – How Collaborative Robots Can Empower Employees and Drive Efficiency
Theater F

Hear from Fergal Glynn, VP of Marketing, about how your company can enhance productivity by balancing labor and technology. Learn how to:

  • Improve operations by giving your team the right tools that result in greater order accuracy and optimized processes.
  • Navigate the tightening labor market and limit seasonal onboarding.
  • Redefine the employee experience.