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  • 2-3x pick rates
  • 50% reduction in walking
  • 2-4 week go-live
  • 15 minutes new hire training
  • 12-18 month ROI

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Easily scale automation for your customers
Our flexible solution integrates and expands seamlessly, allowing you to adapt to volume changes as your customer base grows.

Increase your order fulfillment volume
Chuck, the most configurable collaborative robot in the industry, can handle all forms of split-case picking in one sweep of an aisle. Combined with our directed workflows and dynamic zones, Chuck delivers fewer steps to complete more customer orders.

Ensure wall-to-wall efficiency in your warehouse
Optimize beyond just picking. Increase efficiency across your entire operation with our packing, sorting and replenishment solutions.


National 3PL trades traditional conveyor layouts for flexible automation

Learn how DM Fulfillment Services increased its order volume by 17% with collaborative mobile robots.

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White Paper: The Business Case for Collaborative Mobile Robotics

Unlock insights into how collaborative mobile robots transform fulfillment efficiency, yield a multi-million dollar net present value and deliver a fast ROI.

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