Video: Watch a demo of 6 River Systems' wall-to-wall fulfillment solution, live from MODEX 2020

Video: Wall-to-Wall Fulfillment at MODEX 2020

Chris Conway March 28th, 2020


From MODEX 2020, watch as 6 River Systems’ Royanna Chappell demonstrates our wall-to-wall fulfillment solution.

Autoloader – Totes are loaded onto Chuck automatically. Once loaded, Chuck travels autonomously to the active work area.

Picking – The associate performs batch, discrete, and zone picking. To simplify picking, Chuck’s on-screen location display matches the physical location color. The associate sends the batch-picked tote for sorting at Mobile Sort.

Mobile Sort – Directs associates through the put process. When sortation is complete, fully-sorted walls are released to packout.

Packout – Discrete order totes are directed to packout and prepared for shipment. In-progress totes are delivered and unloaded autonomously, and directed to the next zone or work area. Totes are unloaded and staged to be taken to their next location.

To learn more, visit our online Wall-to-Wall Fulfillment Expo.