6 River Systems Top Place to Work

Why 6 River Systems is a Top Place to Work

Lauren Koppelman Last Updated: February 4th, 2020

6 River Systems has been named a Boston Globe Top Place to Work in 2019! According to the Globe, that makes 6RS one of the most admired workplaces in the state as voted on by the people who know us best: our own employees. Or, as we call them, Rivs. 

The office will celebrate the honor during our next Riv Social – a bi-weekly social event that brings departments together and allows them the opportunity to slow down and connect before the weekend. 

After learning about being named a Top Place to Work, we asked some Rivs about why they think 6RS is such a great place to work.

Alex Thieme, DevOps

Alex from DevOpsWe have a huge market opportunity and we’re going after it with an amazing team of people who want to make a difference in the industry and build a great company together. Everyone here is smart, driven, and passionate. They make you want to be a better, smarter contributor.  And, we hang out all the time, too!

We make sure we’re successful by giving each other direct feedback which helps us get things done a lot more quickly. You see something that needs fixing? You see something that could be done better? We’re encouraged to seize the opportunity and take ownership of the things that will have an impact.

People at all levels are willing to hear you out, even at the highest level. They will support you, help you grow and drive you in whatever you’re doing to ensure success in the endeavor.

Peter Mitchell, Hardware

Peter from HardwareI think everyone wants to work with founders, leaders and managers that are passionate about what they do. Employees are more engaged when company leadership is involved in day-to-day development and not bogged down with corporate red tape. 

Jerome (our co-CEO) still enjoys working with customers to find solutions, Chris (our CTO) really comes to life when engineering needs to find a new solution and Rylan (our co-CEO) is passionate about finding ways to improve warehousing and logistics. It’s clear all three enjoy what they do day-to-day and I enjoy coming to work because of the culture those three have fostered.

Julio Salazar, CI Ops

Julio from CI OpsThere is something about the energy at 6RS that not only makes me happy to work here but also makes me happy to keep raising the bar. My time here has been spent with people who are clearly dedicated to not only our customers but to each other and to the company. There is only more room to grow from here and it’s beyond exciting!

Zoe Peirce, Office Coordinator

Zoe - office managerI get to work with smart, passionate, and kind hearted people who appreciate the little things in life and in the office.

Rylan Hamilton, co-CEO

The acquisition by Shopify has been just amazing, and we continue to grow and invest in our company. This week (November 2019), we had our largest new hire lunch ever of 8 people, and we are still keeping all the traditions which helped get us to where we are — including a new hire lunch at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown.

To learn more about the company and see current job openings, visit our jobs page.