Colleagues in an XPO Warehouse

XPO expands collaborative robots to scale for peak

Fergal Glynn Last Updated: October 19th, 2020

Colleagues in an XPO Warehouse

The Cyber Monday frenzy is under way. All of those peak simulations and picking drills are being put to the test. There’s a buzz around the 6 River Systems’ office as we monitor rates and system health across our customer’s warehouses. This peak season the 6 River Systems solution is being used in 4 countries to pick, sort and pack holiday orders. 

To support a tenfold or more surge in orders, some of our retail and logistics customers ramped up automation in the run up to peak. One such customer, XPO Logistics (NYSE: XPO), the largest outsourced e-commerce fulfillment provider in Europe, increased its use of Chuck in the UK in anticipation of holiday retail volumes.

We have been working with XPO Logistics’ diversified customer base for a number of years to pick everything from grocery to softlines to service parts. One of our core values is WE ALL WIN WHEN OUR CUSTOMERS WIN and thanks to our successful collaboration with XPO Logistics in the US, we were well prepared for a seamless roll-out of Chuck at their UK site in time for this year’s holiday shopping season. 

XPO LogisticsMario Harik, chief information officer of XPO Logistics, said, “based on our pilots with retail apparel, the system handles peaks in consumer demand with near-perfect accuracy by complementing the work performed by our employees. The synergies are ideal for retail and e-commerce fulfillment this holiday season.”

“Our collaborative fulfillment robots are a strong fit with XPO’s high-volume warehouse environments,” said Jerome Dubois, co-founder and co-CEO of 6RS. “This partnership has already delivered significant benefits for XPO customers.”

As increasingly more warehouse operators realize they don’t need to settle for the status quo – traditional automation that is inflexible, costly and lengthy to implement – we continue to grow our offerings and our customer base. We are very excited to support our customers in their peak seasons, helping them meet SLAs and realizing value from their investment in collaborative robotics

To learn more about our work with XPO Logistics in the UK read the full press release.