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Improve efficiency, optimize labor, scale quickly and easily.

Through an award-winning combination of collaborative robots, artificial intelligence and operational expertise, 6 River Systems makes your entire fulfillment workflow more efficient.

Our flexible, easy-to-deploy warehouse fulfillment solutions create a work environment that makes it easier to attract, train and retain associates, while powerful software delivers actionable insights that enable your business to quickly adapt or scale to meet changes in demand.

Improve floor-level efficiency

A majority of your budget goes to labor. A majority of your labor’s time is spent walking. Empower your associates to be more productive.

Our solution leverages your WMS to optimize fulfillment workflows and assignments, as well as streamlines picking, replen, sorting and packing.

Adapt in real time

Order flow is unpredictable and your labor force is constantly changing. Equip your supervisors to adapt in real time.

Our dashboards deliver insight into order progress, pick rates, throughput and more, to help ensure SLA compliance and simplify labor planning.

Drive predictability

Establishing operational predictability is a challenge. Enable management to set supervisors and associates up for sustainable success.

Our insights allow better understanding of equipment and labor utilization, and enable order volume and profile simulation so you’re always making informed business decisions.

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Our products


    The most capable and collaborative mobile robot on the planet.

    Chuck can double the productivity of your warehouse associates — at half the cost of traditional fulfillment automation; without requiring any new infrastructure, or changing your warehouse layout. 

    Chuck eliminates long walks and it leads associates through their work zones to help minimize walking, stay on task and work more efficiently. Chuck can be used in all put-away, picking, counting, replenishment and sorting tasks.

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    A better way to sort.

    For operators who are crunched for time and resources—both human and capital—Mobile Sort manages your entire fulfillment process from batching and picking to sorting.

    Mobile Sort stations coupled with collaborative picking robot “Chuck” enables warehouse associates to intelligently pick and sort batches into discrete orders.

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    A better way to pack.

    Inspect, pack, seal and label orders for shipment.  Our packout process is designed to be as fast and easy as possible, allowing the associate to get into an easy, repeatable rhythm.

    The process begins with a pick container arriving at the packout area. We support packout for orders picked as discrete orders, batched singles, consolidated orders and orders processed through Mobile Sort.

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