Streamline your order picking with 6RS

Our new Mobile Fulfillment app lets you manage and track autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and non-AMR order picking in one place, saving you time and money.

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Pair with equipment like carts, order-pickers and forklifts to drive productivity


Avoid delays and additional costs

Previously, orders that were either too large, heavy or outside the reach of an AMR had to be picked on a different system. With our Mobile Fulfillment app you can avoid the frustration, delay and cost of split orders and multiple shipments.

System-directed allocation and picking

Our advanced fulfillment software can boost the accuracy and productivity of your non-AMR picks while also optimizing AMR picking via Chuck, meaning less walking and employee fatigue.

Boost visibility across all your picks

With our Mobile Fulfillment app you can find bottlenecks faster, boost your service level agreement (SLA) visibility, and optimize your AMR and non-AMR picking.

Compatible and easy to use

Our intuitive software is used across multiple workflows such as putaway, pick, sort and packout, making employee training fast and simple. While our app can be installed on multiple, 3rd party devices and used with equipment ranging from simple push carts to walkie-riders and forklifts.

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