3PL Warehouses

Tackle top fulfillment challenges to increase customer satisfaction and unlock new business opportunities

Flexible fulfillment is no longer optional – it is a necessity

Consumer behavior and expectations have shifted; next day, and even same day delivery is becoming the norm. For 3PLs, that means orders need to get out the door faster than ever.

Many 3PLs are moving away from manual fulfillment processes and static, legacy automation in favor of more flexible solutions that can scale and adjust to their needs.

6 River Systems' floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall fulfillment solution, including our autonomous mobile robot, Chuck, can help your warehouse attract, train and retain associates, lower the cost of fulfillment and deliver a best-in-class customer experience.


Grow your customer base

Flexibility, system configurability and Chuck's industry-leading capacity - means you can adapt quickly to support existing customers, satisfy new demands and seamlessly add new customers and order profiles to your operation.


Attract, train and retain associates

It's difficult to hire and wages are increasing, which means training and time to productivity are more expensive. Not only is Chuck a magnet for new talent, but training time is reduced to minutes.

With 6 River Systems' system-directed picking to guide associates through more efficient and accurate pick runs, and Chuck eliminating the need to push or pull a heavy cart over the "long walk," it's also easier to keep your team happy and healthy.


Lower fulfillment costs

Keeping costs low is a necessity for 3PLs. Our autonomous mobile robot is easy to deploy and scale. It works to constantly improve performance and lower variable cost per task and the total cost of fulfillment.


Meet more SLAs, more accurately

Meet the most complex SLAs in less time and make good on your customer commitments with 6 River Systems' Guaranteed SLA feature. Ensure order accuracy with Chuck's UI, guided picking process and AI-driven work allocation software.



Take action from new operational visibility

6 River Systems’ cloud-based Fulfillment Command Center, The Bridge, uses information from your WMS and real-time performance data from Chuck, to help you further optimize throughput, manage your assets and plan labor.


Streamline reverse logistics processes

Online sales are increasing, which means returns are increasing as well. With our Returns Putaway capability, it's easier to get returns back on the shelves to maximize warehouse space and profitability.


Capabilities that make 6 River Systems a leader in 3PL warehouse fulfillment


System Directed Workflows

System-directed workflows guide associates through their tasks quickly, keep them focused and drive performance consistency that enables smarter labor planning.


Configurability & Capacity

Chuck carries a broad range of SKUs or container types for 3X more workspace than other AMRs while supporting discrete, batch, cluster and zone picking.


Wall-to-Wall Capabilities

Optimize throughput across your entire building including, slotting, packout, replenishment and putaway.


“The system handles peaks in consumer demand with near-perfect accuracy by complementing the work performed by our employees. The synergies are ideal for retail and e-commerce fulfillment during the holiday season.”

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The Business Case for Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Based on interviews with more than 25 early adopters of autonomous mobile robots (AMR), this report assesses how AMR increase labor productivity and flexibility, yield a multi-million dollar net present value and deliver a 15-month return on investment.

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