6 River Systems Garners S&DCE Top Supply Chain Projects Award Win for Crocs Partnership

Margot Ahlquist June 23rd, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many businesses pivoted in how they operated on a day-to-day basis. One such company was Crocs, which opened its Dayton, Ohio distribution center in October of 2019, with 40% more space than its previous operation. With the additional space, the company had expected to deliver 50% more throughput.

At the same time, Crocs was unofficially becoming the leisure shoe of choice for those who were now working from home, and with that came an increased demand far more significant than anticipated. As a result, the company worked with Sedlak to create a pop-up warehouse operation while they awaited the completion of an additional permanent facility to fulfill its surging e-commerce demand.

This pop-up location would be staffed primarily with workers who needed to be brought up to speed quickly and efficiently to keep up with the demand in orders. Crocs turned to 6 River Systems and Chuck, our collaborative mobile robot, to be the co-pilot in their new 550,000 square foot temporary warehouse.

An associate follows Chuck to the next pick location in the Crocs Dayton, Ohio warehouse

Training time for the 400 new employees was cut from one week to one day.

The results of the partnership were immediate, and today we’re pleased to share that the efforts of Crocs and 6 River Systems have garnered attention across the globe, including the S&DCE Top Supply Chain Projects Award for our case study showing how Chuck transformed the operations at Crocs’ pop-up distribution center.

The result?

  • 6 River System delivered Crocs 83 Chucks, 32 of which were seasonal rentals for the holiday peak.
  • Training time for the 400 new employees was cut from one week to one day, saving the company time and money while reaching total volume within two days of their go-live.
  • Aided by 6 River Systems and Chuck, Crocs’ warehouse associates picked roughly 3 million units, increased their throughput by 182%, and exceeded their designed rates by 25%. Today, Crocs has surpassed 5 million units.

“Our partnership with Crocs is a true example of how 6 River Systems is able to help brands navigate the challenges of opening a new warehouse in the midst of uncertainties like the pandemic,” said Fergal Glynn, VP of Marketing, 6 River System. “This award is a testament to the work and dedication of both teams, and we’re excited to see where the partnership will go in the future.”

As we continue to move forward, 6 River Systems has solidified itself as a leader of warehouse automation and innovative technology that empowers businesses to meet demand, exceed productivity goals, and empower employees.