Expeditors Invests in Continuous
Improvement & Innovation

Leading 3PL upgrades modern warehouse with robotics technology


At a Glance:

Deployment Time: 2 Weeks

100% increase in outbound speed and no loss in accuracy

Increased social distancing & safety

Expeditors, a national logistics service provider, operates the distribution warehouse providing fulfillment of North Coast Medical's rehabilitation products to both therapy centers and end consumers. Seeking improved fulfillment throughput while prioritizing the health and safety of their associates led them to 6 River Systems.

"The project was deemed a success almost immediately." 

Expeditors saw a two-week deployment period followed by a 100% increase in outbound speed with no loss of accuracy, all while providing warehouse personnel with the tools they need to get their jobs done quickly and safely.

“In order for us to stay competitive in the marketplace from an order accuracy standpoint and shipping speed, the Expeditors team knew they had to take a leap forward with technology. 6 River Systems allowed them to do just that.”

North Coast Medical

Larry Emmert VP Operations Legend Valve

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