Legend Valve Leads with Automation

National wholesaler provides best-in-class customer service, automates fulfillment.

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At a glance:

The Fleet
  • Packsize EM7-25
  • 10 Chucks w/ Mobile Printers, Ring Scanners & Custom Bagging Accessories
  • 2 Autochargers
  • Wholesale, Plumbing
Integration Design
  • Seamless Integration Between ERP (JD Edwards), Packsize & 6RS
Benefits & Results
  • Doubled Pick Rate
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Reduced Transportation Costs
  • Reduced Dunnage Requirements
  • Reduced Products Damaged in Transit
  • Reduced Employee Fatigue
  • Reduced Training Time

Legend Valve has serviced the wholesale plumbing industry across the United States for over 30 years. They differentiate their business with best-in-class customer service, offering money-back guarantees if customer expectations aren't met.

In designing their fulfillment solution, which integrates discrete automation solutions from Packsize and 6 River Systems, Legend Valve orchestrated an impressive process that enables them to pick, pack, and ship orders even more quickly and efficiently.

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A Fulfillment Solution with Chuck at its Core 

Legend Valve built a solution to automate repetitive tasks, freeing associates to further elevate the customer experience that the company is known for.

As customer orders come in, Packsize analyzes and efficiently cubes orders to optimize packaging. 6 River Systems intelligently allocates orders to optimize work flows and pick paths.

Within the aisle, Chuck supports packing custom quantities of SKUs with an integrated mobile printer and accessory bag dispenser. When orders are fully picked and hit the conveyor at unloading, Legend Valve's ERP, JD Edwards, is updated with the status.

“We were able to integrate and launch this system within a relatively short amount of time and more importantly, it worked on day one.”

Larry Emmert, VP of Operations, Legend Valve

Larry Emmert VP Operations Legend Valve

Key Takeaways from Larry Emmert, VP of Operations:

Seeking Solutions, Legend Valve Considered Them All

"We looked at a variety of solutions: additional conveyor automation, pick to light, goods to person systems.

All had their benefits, but they were difficult to justify and required a complex deployment."

All the Gains, None of the Hangups

"The solution from 6 River Systems allowed fast implementation with minimal physical changes in the warehouse."

After Automating, Pick Rates Doubled

"The integration between Chucks, Packsize, and our own ERP doubled our pick rates and increased our accuracy, both of which directly impact our customer guarantees."

More Reliable, Safer Packaging and Shipping

"We reduced our transportation costs, our dunnage requirements and product damaged in transit."

An Unexpected Benefit

"Before, we had the mobile printers on our manual carts and we frequently had to charge them - it was a huge pain. Now, they draw their power from the Chucks which charge themselves."

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