Automation that’s easy to implement, easy to love.

Leading 3PL increases efficiencies, empowers employees with collaborative robots

The team at MD Logistics loves Chuck.


MD Logistics, a leading 3PL based in Indiana, has always leaned heavily into technology to service their customers. Shortly after removing their conveyor system which had been collecting dust, MD Logistics knew they needed to find an alternative method to automate their picking operations.

The collaborative robotics solution from 6 River Systems quickly rose to the top for them and just as quickly implemented into their retail and ecommerce operations.

Each step of the process, they learned, was easier than expected.

Easy to Scale

John loves Chuck because it allows his business to scale rapidly to consumers’ changing demands.

“When I saw a message from 6 River Systems, I thought, ‘this is exactly what my business should be doing. I need to check this out,’” John told us. As he learned more, John found that Chuck was more than an automated cart, it was an extension of the warehouse’s current processes and that it was raising his team’s efficiencies.

John Sell, Vice President,
Retail & Transportation Solutions

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Easy to Measure

Ryan loves Chuck and for him, the proof is in the numbers.

“We've seen an improvement in our picking efficiency go from an average around 55 LPH up to around 70 on a daily basis,” Ryan told us. And on their busiest days, Ryan reports, that increases by 50%.”

Ryan Robertson, Director, Retail Operations

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With Chuck on the team:

Cobots travel to and from the picking area carrying product autonomously.


Cobots set an optimized picking path, reducing walking distance and time.


Cobots set the pace for material handlers.

Easy to Launch

Brian loves Chuck because the implementation process was the smoothest he’s ever seen.

MD Logistics planned a conservative path to implementation, anticipating the types of challenges and setbacks that they had seen before.

“We actually sped it up a bit once we got going. Everything was so easy and so smooth,” Brian told us. “Developing the API was pretty fun and easy to do, and it was my first time developing a RESTful web service.” The go-live went just as well. “We got our testing done in three days, and the system has been so reliable since,” Brian said.

Brian Rumple, Systems Analyst

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Easy to Love

Emilie loves Chuck because it’s a strong differentiator when seeking new customers and new employees.

“When we first learned about 6 River and the cobots, we thought this was a no-brainer,” said Emilie Gerbers, Director of Business Development. “This is an opportunity for our employees to engage with technology and an opportunity for us to be more efficient for our customers. Internally and externally, it became a win/win for us.”

As the head of business development, it’s important for Emilie to be able to explain to potential customers how they’re differentiating themselves within the industry. Since they went live with 6 River Systems, all she needs to say is, “Chuck.”

Emilie Gerbers, Director, Business Development

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Easy to Train

Keith loves Chuck because it empowers his team to perform in no time at all.

“With your typical picking systems,” Operations Manager Keith Gribble told us, “you can take two weeks to train someone with all the different variations and the different things that come up. Chuck, a good two hours and they are fully trained and ready to go.”

When he first learned about 6 River Systems solutions, Keith was skeptical about whether cobots could stand up to traditional automation systems. Now, he may be Chuck’s biggest fan.

“The best thing about the system is the way it groups picks together to enhance productivity across the facility. Out of a hundred picks, 20 of them, you're all going to the same 50 square feet.”

Keith Gribble, Operations Manager

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Easy to Use

Lucy loves Chuck because it makes her work faster and more reliable.

“When I first learned that I would be working with robots, I was nervous, because anything new can do that,” Lucy explained to us. “But after one day, I felt so comfortable.”

When she started working at MD Logistics a year-and-a-half ago, Lucy used traditional push carts and had to remember locations for the hundreds of SKUs she picked every day. “Now, the Chuck does everything for you,” Lucy told us. “You go straight to the location, it tells you where the boxes have to go. It’s much better.”

Lucitania Albaladejo, Material Handler

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