What to expect when you deploy 6 River Systems

Our Customer Team has decades of automation, software and operations experience and has designed and deployed the world’s largest warehouse automation solutions. We’ve built our system to be the easiest automation solution ever to implement, integrate and operate.

How we help you reach your goals

Our team is driven to make sure we deliver on our commitments and you are successful. Typical installations take 2-4 weeks of on-site work, and after implementation, our support team makes sure you are always hitting your performance goals.


Based on your unique setup, our solutions team will create a concept and work with you to finalize a design and proposal based on your objectives.


Your program manager will get robots on the ground, map your warehouse and lead integration with your existing systems.


Let’s go! We’ll make sure you have a solid launch and project plan in place. Your associates will be out in the aisles with Chuck right away.


6 River Systems was built to adapt as your business changes. Your program manager
will monitor ongoing results and our support
team will ensure your system is always
optimized for success.

Take a breath as your associates
walk less, have fun with Chuck and
benefit from immediate rate and
throughput increases.


Meet Sean, one of our deployment engineers

Want to learn more about how 6 River Systems can improve your warehouse operations?
Contact us at 1-866-60-CHUCK to set up a 30-minute introduction meeting.