[Video] Two vital dashboards that benefit any picking operation

Max Halliday Updated August 28th, 2020


6 River Systems’ solution provides succinct and actionable data in an array of dashboards available in every customers’ management console. Real-time information highlighting robot utilization, warehouse congestion, slotting issues and predictive picking statistics are just a few of the available dashboards that 6 River Systems offers to enhance your operation.

Although your warehouse might stretch hundreds of thousands of square feet, our analytics and performance data provides a control tower view of your floor, allowing you to see all of the action in your warehouse, both in real-time and retroactively.

Visit our Actionable Insights page to learn more about the analytics we provide.  

A few of 6 River Systems’ most powerful dashboards

Picking Dashboard Picking Dashboard: a real-time and forecasted view of your operation to help you hit SLAs. Make picking changes to ensure every last item makes is out of your warehouse on time, based on the labor that you have available.



Floor View: A live view of your Chucks, their users and everyone’s progress. Visibility into where associates are working most often can help operators to better slot inventory and alleviate congestion.


Learn more about our dashboards on our Actionable Insights page.