FLOW 2021: 3 Must-See Sessions for 3PL Providers

Margot Ahlquist September 15th, 2021

Customer expectations, labor shortages, and service level agreements continue to get more difficult to manage while the 3PL industry landscape gets increasingly competitive. The Future of Logistics, Operations and Warehousing (FLOW) Conference provides a new perspective on how to tactically solve these problems.

Below you will find three sessions popular with 3PL registrants that will arm you with ways to better tackle everyday operational challenges.

Transforming the Customer Experience – Wednesday, September 22, 11:40 AM EDT

Transforming Customer Experience panel session graphic

It’s no secret that the pandemic dramatically accelerated changes that had been projected for the next decade. Customers are now “omnichannel” in their outlook and behavior, demanding fast, flexible order fulfillment, anytime, anywhere. These trends put an unprecedented strain on supply chains, not only in terms of consumer demand, but in execution, speed, and flexibility. To remain relevant and retain customers, retailers and brands need to differentiate themselves and transform the customer experience in order to survive

Scott Luton, CEO and Host, Supply Chain Now
Nabil Malouli, Vice President, DHL
Doug Stephens, President and Founder, Retail Prophet
Kara Ashby, President, Sedlak
Jim Barnes, President, enVista

Flexible Picking Strategies: How Ingram Micro Adapts to Labor and Volume on Any Given Day – Wednesday, September 22, 01:00 PM EDT

Ingram Micro is best known for handling information technology logistics, but their ability to handle large and intricate SKU inventories makes them perfect for retail fashion fulfillment. Learn how Ingram Micro adapts to each day’s order profiles and labor availability by leveraging 6 River Systems’ integrated singles batch picking, sorting and packout solution to manage more than 40,000 SKUs efficiently and accurately.

Ryan Kitchie, Customer Success Manager 6 River Systems
Michael Greiner, Director Of OperationsIngram Micro

Make Your Next Peak Your Best One Yet -Thursday, September 23, 12:25 PM EDT

Walk through 6 River Systems’ Peak Playbook, full of tips on how to prepare your site and operations for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), or whenever peak arrives. Tune in to this session to hear how 6 River Systems ensures our customers are ready for Peak, what our Peak support looks like, and what customers themselves can do for peak preparation. We’ve got your back.

Andrew Fink, Director of Customer Success, 6 River Systems
John Evans, Customer Success Manager, 6 River Systems