(VIDEO) Office Depot improves safety and engages associates with collaborative robots


Office Depot is one of the largest providers of office supplies in the United States, shipping over 600,000 packages each day. Like many fulfillment operations worldwide, Office Depot is undergoing a transformation. Demand is shifting, and that has led the team to explore new ways to automate fulfillment. In this customer success story Bob Abbondanza, Director Supply Chain, and Michelle Williams, Senior Manager Process Engineering, talk about success with 6 River Systems and 6RS’ collaborative mobile robot, called “Chuck.”

Supported by a flexible warehouse automation partner, Office Depot used 6RS and Chuck to:

  • Improve warehouse safety by reducing the risk of injuries associated with pulling heavy manual carts;
  • Engage and rally the larger Office Depot team with automation that leads associates through their work with lights and pictures, and is easy to use;
  • Reduce walking to and from active picking areas and cart build zones, and;
  • Speed up training with a simple and quick onboarding process on Chuck.

“This by far is the safest, most productive automation we have implemented here at Office Depot,” Abbondanza said.