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Step into the shoes of a warehouse associate and supervisor as you perform induct, picking and takeoff tasks without ever leaving your desk. This interactive, point-of-view experience, gives you a first-hand look into how easy it is to learn and use the 6 River Systems fulfillment solution. 

Reduce fulfillment costs
Smarter allocation of labor and improved productivity across the entire fulfillment workflow deliver new savings and drive down the cost of fulfillment.

Improve the customer experience
Chuck improves pick accuracy and increases speed to delivery to support a best-in-class experience for your customers.

Add the capacity you need
Adapt quickly to demand spikes and new customers with a flexible solution that can seamlessly expand within your warehouse, scale across your enterprise and integrate with other solutions.


Case Study: National 3PL trades traditional conveyor layouts for flexible automation

Learn how DM Fulfillment Services adapted to new ecommerce demand and increased its order volume by 17% with collaborative mobile robots.

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White Paper: The Business Case for Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Unlock insights into how collaborative mobile robots transform fulfillment efficiency, yield a multi-million dollar net present value and deliver a fast ROI.

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Download our solutions brochure, and then contact us to learn more about how 6 River Systems can help your operation achieve faster fulfillment.

  • 2-3x pick rates
  • 50% reduction in walking per pick
  • 2-4 week go-live
  • 15 minutes new hire training
  • 12-18 month ROI

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