The 6RS system was designed using the following fundamentals:

  • Empower the associate

  • Flexibility, then productivity

  • No new infrastructure

Chuck is smart.

  • Chuck leads your associate through their work zones. He keeps your associate on task, pacing them through their work more efficiently and accurately.
  • Our cloud-based servers integrate with your Warehouse Management System, so Chuck can be used in all putaway, picking, counting, and sorting tasks.

Chuck is agile.

  • Chuck doesn’t need wires, cables, or stickers to move around. State of the art sensors help him navigate in any warehouse with no new infrastructure.
  • The system can be used on all types of warehouse floors, including rack-supported mezzanine.

Chuck is a workhorse.

  • Chuck can carry a maximum payload of 160 lbs with configurable slots and lighting that can support the tote and carton configurations specific to your operation.
  • Chuck can work two shifts on a single charge and uses the latest in battery technology for rapid recharging.



We reduce walking by using a zone picking strategy. By leading the associate through their zone and displaying important task information ahead of time, Chuck makes it faster for associates to find the correct location, item, and quantity for the task.

As associates complete jobs on one Chuck, the next Chuck is already in position and ready to tag in, keeping associates on task.

The brains of the system reside in our Collaborative Fulfillment Systems (CFS) – a cloud-based server that coordinates all the work on the floor to maximize utilization and efficiency.

Step Activity 6 River Systems
1 Walk “checkmark”
2 Find Bin “checkmark”
3 Search Item “checkmark”
4 Grab Item
5 Confirm Pick “checkmark”
6 Put Item “checkmark”
7 Transition “checkmark”


2-3x cart pick rates

12-18 month payback

Fast training

No new infrastructure

Go-live in 4-6 weeks