Automation at NFI

This 6RS Customer Was Recognized for Innovation and Leadership in Fulfillment

6RS Voices, Warehouse Automation Updated January 18th, 2023

Automation at NFI

Among the 10 companies honored in 2020 for utilizing technologies that will shape tomorrow’s supply chains, NextGen has recognized 6 River Systems customer NFI with the 2020 NextGen Supply Chain Award. The industry-leading supply chain provider partnered with 6 River Systems to bring flexible automation to one of their distribution centers in Indiana, increasing productivity when fulfilling orders for their customers’ consumers.

What NFI said:

“By partnering with technology providers such as 6 River Systems, we have been able to help our customers remain flexible and agile,” said Jimmy Shafer, Senior Vice President of Integrated Design & Solutions at NFI. “This flexibility has enabled our customers to remain competitive and resilient during COVID-19, despite the challenges various industries have collectively faced as a result. Innovation remains a priority at NFI and we continue to explore and invest in new technologies that will not only provide greater efficiency for our customers, but redefine the employee experience.”

NFI’s Results:

  • Increased picking accuracy to 99%
  • Increased average units picked per hour to 85
  • Reduced employee onboarding time from 72 hours to 6 hours
  • Enabled rapid employee onboarding during peak season

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