Meet 6 River Systems, the new face of warehouse automation

Rohma Abbas Last Updated: June 23rd, 2020

By Rylan Hamilton

Today’s warehouses face trillion dollar-sized challenges. Global e-commerce sales are projected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2020, more than double last year’s figures. Supply chains need to adapt to 24/7 customers who don’t want to be constrained to mall hours. The pace of growth will only increase as we move from a world dominated by retail distribution to one fueled by e-commerce fulfillment.

Meanwhile, operators need to meet high-level demands on accuracy, speed and cost. Each mistake is expensive, whether it’s a missed pick or missed shipment. And finding the best managers and associates is getting harder each month, as distribution centers are dealing with the tightest labor market in recent years.

warehouse automation

Rylan Hamilton is the co-CEO and co-founder of 6 River Systems.

Getting out of the trenches

Industry changes are forcing warehouse operators to do more with the same tools and people. Labor shortages across the supply chain industry are making this increasingly difficult, so operators are turning to warehouse automation. But traditional warehouse automation is expensive, intrusive and disruptive, taking years to implement.

Moreover, no one can say for sure what future service and growth needs will be. Every year, operators have to revisit fundamental strategies and decisions about their supply chain, asking themselves questions like:

  • Should I centralize or decentralize my network?
  • How do I merge e-commerce and retail fulfillment operations?
  • Which facilities should I automate?
  • How do I choose between in-house or outsourced operations?

Most operators feel stuck in the trenches with no clear way to win unless they take big expensive bets on warehouse automation or major software upgrades.

Redefining warehouse automation

There is a better way. At 6 River Systems, our purpose is to provide the world’s best fulfillment solutions to everyone. Our autonomous mobile robot Chuck is your warehouse automation companion.

warehouse automation

Capable of supporting up to 160 lbs, Chuck is your warehouse automation companion.

We offer a drop-in fulfillment solution powered by mobile robots and cloud-based fulfillment software. Chuck is the only directed workflow robot that boosts pick rates by leading pickers through their tasks. Chuck eliminates long, unnecessary walks by using dynamic zones and different picking strategies in the same way as a conveyor system. We can install Chucks in your existing building without installing any fixed infrastructure and go live within two weeks.

Chuck is the first collaborative robot that can immediately boost your operations in three ways:

  • Empower your associates: Chuck allows your associates to pick 2-3X faster in aisle. You can train associates on Chuck within 15 minutes. Chuck decreases the walk time between picks and makes associates more productive by interleaving picking and replenishment.
  • Improve your accuracy: Chuck uses a system-directed approach to pace associates and keep them on task. Chuck leads associates to the item’s location, displays the item to be picked and lights up the tote box it belongs in, reducing your mispicks and saving you valuable time.
  • Increase your flexibility: The 6 River System solution is extremely customizable. Add Chuck bots to meet your peak periods and return the Chucks you don’t need during your regular season. Chuck is the largest collaborative robot used for picking, which gives it a larger payload. You can even add a third level to Chuck. Chuck also works in small aisles, which helps our customers to reduce their floor sizes.

Our team has designed, developed, deployed and supported the solution that now has over 150,000 robots deployed at Amazon. We have built “scale” into the solution from Day 1. 6 River Systems offers all the advantages of traditional warehouse automation without the price tag, and with a faster return on investment.

Winning starts with Chuck

Why renovate your warehouse when you can innovate your business? Start winning today by using data, tools and technology to manage your supply chain. For more information on 6 River Systems and Chuck, call us for a free consultation at (866)-60-CHUCK.