Solve warehouse labor woes

Optimize your fulfillment & make it easier to hire, train and retain warehouse associates


Labor -- hiring, training and retaining -- is a universal struggle for fulfillment operations. The pandemic has ramped up the challenge of staffing a warehouse and keeping existing workers engaged and productive.

How 6 River Systems helps you build and maintain a more productive warehouse workforce:

  • Meet Chuck - Customers tell us their associates get excited to pick with Chuck, our collaborative mobile robot.
  • Up and picking within hours - Chuck is so simple to use that associates learn how to pick within a few hours.
  • Happier, healthier operations - Chuck eliminates the long walk and the physical strain that comes from pushing manual carts.

Combined with AI and our intelligent software, Chuck helps warehouse associates improve efficiency and pick accuracy, and increases speed to delivery to ensure that you are meeting SLAs.

This means you can adapt more quickly to demand spikes, more easily optimize your existing labor resources and fulfill orders on time even when you are shorthanded.

Warehouse Labor Optimization Resources

How Our Customers Improved the Associate Experience


SEe how Easy it is to Work with OuR Collaborative Robot, Chuck

Chuck is a collaborative mobile robot that transforms the productivity of your associates and the flexibility of your operation throughout picking, replenishment and related tasks.

Step into the shoes of a warehouse associate and supervisor as you perform induct, picking and takeoff tasks without ever leaving your desk. This interactive, point-of-view experience, gives you a first-hand look into how easy it is to learn and use the 6 River Systems fulfillment solution. 

> Pick with Chuck


6 River Systems helps your warehouse labor become more efficient through an award-winning combination of collaborative robots, artificial intelligence and operational expertise.

  • Attract new labor with collaborative mobile robots in your warehouse
  • Train new warehouse associates on how to pick within hours
  • Maintain a happier and healthier workforce